Extension: Vote Option Link

Overview Keeping track of all of the different projects and what people saying about them when you go to vote is very difficult. Creating Vote Option Link was the first step to creating a solution to this problem.   Goal When designing Vote Option Link, we wanted to make it simple: allow users to easily view the discussion posts of the projects as they were voting.   Solution So, each option is a link to that project’s discussion thread. The link will open in a new tab as well.

Extension: SavedProjects

Overview Owner’s Voice main components, discussion and voting, are currently split into two different sections. This was making it quite difficult to keep track of the projects you discussed and decided to vote for once you actually got to the voting area. Voting Option Link was the first tool we developed to help combat this but we wanted to help even more. This is exactly where SavedProjects came into play. Goal When designing SavedProjects we had one thing in mind, helping the users remember which projects they wanted to vote for once they went to vote. Solution I started with the concept of a shopping cart. I wanted the user to look through the discussion forums at each project like it was a product in a store, and the ones they liked, they added to their “shopping cart”. To keep things organized, the extension automatically manages all the categories for you. So, when you go into “Help Us Decide What’s Next: Enhancements” you will see a list for that, and a different list for “Help Us Decide What’s Next: Modifications. There are 6 separate lists, each shown once you are voting to remind you which projects you wanted to vote on.