Discuss Projects

User Discussion

Discussion is a critical component of Owner’s Voice and users are encouraged to participate in all discussion topics presented on the website. Inside of a Project’s Discussion Topic users are able to reply to topics and quote another user to reply to that user’s comment.

Navigating to a Project Category

To start discussing a project, navigate to one of the six project categories.

Front page with boxes around the software enhancements and program modifications of each project cycle to show where to go first when discussing.

Navigating to the Discussion Forum

Once a project category has been chosen, enter the discussion forum by clicking “Discussions.”

Image of an example of the software enhancement forum to show a user how to navigate to the discussion part

Navigating to a Project Topic

Once you’ve navigated to the Discussion Forum, decide which project you’d like to comment on. Each row is a different project.

Image of an example of the discussion forum for projects.

Starting Your Reply

Select the “Post Reply” button to start your post and share an opinion, ask a question, etc.

Image of an example of starting a reply in a project's topic.

Crafting Your Reply

Replies are entered by filling in the text box. The interface allows for text editing similar to Microsoft Word or advanced editing can be done with HTML and previewed by clicking “Preview” below the text box. Completed replies are submitted by clicking “Submit” below the text box.

NOTE: Replies can be saved as a draft and revisited by clicking “Save draft.”

Image of exampling how to reply to a project's discussion topic.

Starting Your Reply to Another Comment

Replying to another user’s comment can be done by clicking the quote button on the corresponding reply.

This image depicts how the user should click the quote button of a user comment to quote that user's comment.