Forum Guide


We currently have over 700 projects on the site, this is quite a lot to sift through! To make things a little easier for the Vovere members to get to the project they would like to discuss, learn more about, and vote on we have categories to help split them up.

Help Us Decide

The first element that divides up the projects are the three different project life stages we are asking you to help us decide on.

Help Us Decide What To Do Next

In this case these are approved investments, both Program Modifications and Software Enhancements. However, they are not assigned to a programmer yet. As a group, they are up next, but the question is in what priority should we move them to the next step? These projects could be fix or a software enhancement, a loan adjustment or a new accounting capability, an adjustment to a debit card process or adding a new Credit Card Vendor, etc. We make these calls several times every day as we dole out projects to the teams. We now want to hear from you on a regular basis.

Help Us Decide What to Stay Focused On

This is a bit trickier, but just as important. At any given time we might be in the middle of 200 projects. Meaning that they were assigned to programming and production team members. These team members are engaged, sometimes for months or years. However, somewhere down the line, we begin to wonder if “you” are still interested or engaged. We weigh out our options while on which projects to accelerate for this year or slow down on, so certain projects make THIS release. What would you do? Calls have to be made and your opinions might sway the decision one way or the other. We need your voice.

Help Us Decide What’s On the Chopping Block

In some cases projects get approved and life happens. Meaning that due to changes in priorities, marketplace or regulations changes, vendor mandates, etc. The projects never gets to the programmers desk, and after a specified time they come up for review. While the project is in review, it has the potential to be killed to clear the queue for new projects. Sometimes good ideas are not good investments. Sometimes fixes make no sense as we plan to move on to new solutions. And sometimes what our users wanted yesterday are not the solutions they want today or tomorrow. We need your voice to help make the call.


Project Type

Once each project is place in it’s respective “Help Us Decide” category, it is then place in the proper project type forum.

Modifications or Program Modifications 

These are the terms we use that represent investments to change, repair, or adjust program designs that already exist. In our opinion, these projects are in line with past and ongoing investments continue to serve the will and expectations of our user base. By accounting rules we do not see the opportunity to accrue the expenses since these are ongoing tools and do not generate new revenue or new lines of service. These are current year adjustments to our current approaches. Sometimes fixes in line with warranty, sometimes minor adjustment due to preferences of users, sometimes adjustments due to technical infrastructure changes, and sometimes adjustments based on the gap between the specifications and the real world users of our tools. IN GENERAL – adjusting tools already in the hands of our users.


This is the term we use for material changes in course, or additions to the intent or features we provide to the marketplace. These are clear, new designs, to do what the software is not currently doing as a tool. We take these investment seriously as they generally set us on a course to invest for years as these new capabilities evolve. Sometimes these investments are clearly new ideas in both our minds and in the minds of our clients. These investments are big, new directions, new capabilities, or new emerging ideas. Sometimes these investments are new only in that we now are designing to support our clients changing vendor alliances, or third party growing capabilities, etc. Either way we see these investments as future building and we are allowed to accrue these investments based upon our vision for future revenue opportunities that align with the offering to the market. IN GENERAL – creating new tools or capabilities for our future needs.