Sign Up

The Sign Up Process

Participation on the Owner’s Voice website requires users to sign up before joining the discussion or voting. Eligible users need to be a part of the credit union industry.

Starting the Sign Up Process

To begin the sign up process, visit and click the Sign Up button in the top right or lower right corner of the web page (depending on your screen size). NOTE: Returning users enter the discussion and vote by clicking “Sign In.”
Image displaying where the sign up button is on this site. Image displaying where the sign up button is on this site alternatively.

Terms of Service

Prior to entering user information, terms of service must be accepted. NOTE: Users cannot proceed unless “I agree to these terms” has been clicked.
Image displaying the terms of service of owners voice

Sign Up Information

Begin the sign up process by entering a username, email address, and password and selecting a language and timezone. In order to prevent automated form submissions, enter one of the following answers in the field “Which CUSO created this site?:”
  • CU*Answers
  • CU*South
  • CU*NorthWest
Image showing what the screen of registration looks like on owners voice.

Confirmation Email

Double check all information prior to submission. Once the form has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered as a record of enrollment in Owner’s Voice.
Image showing what the a confirmation email will look like when you finish signing up for owners voice.