User Guide


Username: Enter your full name i.e. noahbutler
Email address: this can be a personal email or your work email.


Other than voting, most of your time spent on Owner’s Voice will be spent reading and posting replies. This is done when you are viewing a topic. If you would like to reply to a post, simply go to the topic of choice and click the reply button and then construct your reply. If you would like to reply to a reply someone else made to a post, please click the quote button on their reply. The quote button looks like the following:  . This will allow other users to know what you are replying to.


This is what it’s all about. Our voting section will only be open for the two weeks that you are allowed to vote on the project. When this time is passing, you can go to the voting forum to get started. Here will be two topics. One will be for the voting for the projects that you favor and the other topic is for the project you do not wish us to continue. Please participate in both and use all of your given votes.

Viewing Results

After the voting period of the month is finished, the data will be collected and we will compile a few different items to explain the outcome. First off, we will have a Monthly Update. This update will be in the forum of a topic in the Monthly Results forum labeled [Month Name] | Update. It will contain info on which projects will be added to the next month and which projects will be taken off. Secondly we will release a “Top 40’s” list that will contain the top 40 projects of that month plus there rating for the last 6 months.


To better understand what your time on Owner’s Voice will be like, we will go over the different actions a user can do and cannot do. The user’s main role is to interact with other user, voting and viewing the results each month. This is the core foundation of the user’s functionality, and because of this, the user will not be able to post topics or forums anywhere. To interact with other users, the user will need to do so in replies inside of topics in the Project Sheets forum. That is the only place users will be able to post content. We want to keep our voting and results separate from user created content.


For the moderators of the site you will have a few more privileges and responsibilities. The most important responsibility you will have is to moderate the replies made by other users to the forums. We need you to be actively viewing the forums to make sure that replies are appropriate and on topic. Another responsibility you will have is using the moderator panel to delete posts that have been flagged by other users. Your last responsibility is to stop unwanted users from creating users profiles through user and IP bans. Normal users will not be allowed these privileges so please exercise these privileges as much as needed.