Owner’s Voice Elements

  • Owner’s Voice Team: The Owner’s Voice Team is responsible for content management and forum moderation.
  • User: This is anyone that has registered for Owner’s Voice and would like to participate in discussion and voting of CU*BASE Projects.
  • Forums: This highest level of content management on the site. They act as containers to help separate the content into manageable areas.


  • Discussions: The forum where projects are discussed by the users.
  • Voting: The forum where projects are voting on monthly by the users.
  • Monthly Updates: The forum where monthly reports and Top 40 are posted.

Forum Elements

  • Topic: An area/thread where a project can be discussed or voted on.
  • Post: The first element of a topic. In the Discussions, a post will include all the of the necessary information about the project that can be discussed in that topic. In the Voting, a post will include all of the projects that can be voted on and the option to vote on them.   
  • Reply: This is the element that every user will be able to create in the Discussions. A reply will have a text body and may contain quoted text.
  • Quote: This is a feature that allows you to quickly copy a reply to your own so that you can reply to it. Anyone reading your reply will then know who and what you are referring to.