User Voting

Inside of a project’s voting topic, users are only able to cast or recast a vote. Discussion of voting topics is not permitted within the voting section. NOTE: Additional topics can not be created within the voting area.

First off, let’s go over the user’s permissions and what they are allowed to do inside of a Project’s Voting Topic.

  • Users are able to cast their votes.
  • Users can recast their votes.
  • Users cannot discuss inside of the voting topics.
  • Users cannot create new topics in the voting forums.

Navigating to a Project Category

To begin voting, choose from the lifecycle stages “Help Us Decide What To Do Next,” “Help Us Decide What To Stay Focused On,” or “Help Us Decide What’s On The Chopping Block,” and then click on the category “Software Enhancements” or “Program Modifications.”

Front page with boxes around the software enhancements and program modifications of each project cycle to show where to go first when voting.

Navigating to the Voting

Select the current month to vote on the selected category and click “Voting.” NOTE: Previous months voting is locked and only shown for archival purposes.

Image of an example of the software enhancement forum to show a user how to navigate to the voting part.

Navigating to Voting

Once you’ve navigated to the voting forum of a particular project category, select the newest (which will always be the top topic) voting topic.

Image showing the voting forum of a particular project category.

Selecting Your Projects

To vote on a project, mark the corresponding check box adjacent to the project number and title. Selected checkboxes will be marked red. NOTE: Each user can only vote on 10% of listed projects each month.

Image that shows how to select your votes whilst viewing a voting topic.

Submitting Your Vote

Complete the voting process by clicking “Submit vote.” NOTE: Current voting results can be viewed by clicking “View results” below “Submit vote.”

Image showing the submit button in a voting topic.