Why Were Doing This

Why Owner’s Voice

CU*Answers at its core is a cooperative organization. We are constantly pushing what it means to be a transparent CUSO. This year we have decided our next step is to get you engaged, we want to hear your voice, the Owner’s Voice.

Your Voice Guides Our Priorities

As a cooperative, we need your input to move in the right direction. Together, every owner’s input allows CU*Answers to shape our future together. Discussion and voting within Owner’s Voice allows every owner to contribute to the process of guiding the priorities for the products and services offered at CU*Answers and our cuasterisk.com partners.

The Origin of Owner’s Voice

Owner’s Voice is the culmination of the work from participants in the 2016 and 2017 Building Solutions as a Co-Op Boot Camps. The participants created Owner’s Voice to give member owner’s a voice in the decision-making process at CU*Answers. The next big idea is out there and Owner’s Voice is the vehicle to grow, prioritize, bring value, and complete these projects.

The Results of Owner’s Voice

Once the Monthly Voting Results Report is created by the Owner’s Voice Team, a copy will be given to CU*Answers EVP of Development | Brian Maurer. The report will be present in CU*Answers Production Meetings.